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Give me another bottle, and let me tear you to pieces. It's been a year since the pack was invaded by hunters. Gryff was killed and Elijah had ran, Atticus missing and the pack left alone. They were chased to the lawless city of Lykaon, where they discovered they're not alone. Shape shifters, Vampires, Werewolves, and more inhabit the town. Wolfgang was a lone wolf before he found the pack, and once he did he immediately took place as alpha. Now all of the supernatural beings formed into the gangs, the vampires and werewolves already starting problems, and the shifters forced to split in half and choose. The witches merely want peace. On top of the vicious rivalry, hunters are no longer working for the government, but merely hobbyists. They now inhabit the lawless town, this time stronger than ever. Welcome to the new reign of Blackfyre.
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W o l f g a n g

Post by Wolfgang on Fri May 15, 2015 9:55 pm

i'm  a scar away from falling apart

Name: Wolfgang Theophilus Ascensio
Title: The Phantom
Age: 221 Years Old
Gender: Male
Face Claim: Francisco Lachowski
S.O. of heterosexual
Species: Vampire-Lycan-Angel-Rugaru Hybrid
Originally: Angel-Mortal Hybrid
Lycan Classification: Quadrupedal and Bipedal.
Companion: Raphael, his Amarok. If you don't know what an Amarok is, it's basically a giant wolf that hunts you down and returns the kill to his master, whom is Wolfgang.

Raphael when he chooses to remain visible. Other people cannot see him unless he chooses to be seen, and only Wolfgang can see him when he doesn't wanna be found.

my back has been breaking from this heavy heart.

Wolfy is a manly man, staring in silence at strangers and being a dominant, social butterfly to those he knows. He's quiet, keeping to himself and not following others and merely does his own thing. He can be very aggressive, but can also be extremely sweet when he wants to be. He's selfish, wanting to keep you all to himself and can be extremely protective. If you're dating him and a guy looks at you the wrong way, he's dead. He's a very accepting person, easy to talk to and a good listener. A free spirit, supporting equality for all. In a lawless town however, He does whatever he wants to watch out. Not only is he a major drug dealer, but he's also a mass assassin. I'm not talking about like just randomly killing, but he hunts people in order to quench his bloodlust, which occurs a lot more frequently than the average lycan. He's a bit of a flirt and a fuckboy, but when he doesn't know you he's very much shy and quiet. His pros are the fact that he's romantic,blunt,dominant, stubborn, free-sprited, etc. As for his cons, he's violent, demanding, egotistical, controlling, and a bit of a fuckboy. Wolfgang was originally an angel-human hybrid, until he was bitten by a vampire and then later bitten by a werewolf. On top of that, he has the gene for lust for human flesh like a rugaru. He doesn't actually shift into a rugaru however, just has the hunger of one. At night he does shift into a wolf to kill, however. So in a way his wolf form replaced his rugaru form. Because of having such a thick bloodline with his vessel, and already having his lycan and vampire forms, he's stuck inside his vessel for eternity, which he doesn't mind.

too much pain in my heart for your dying wish

Wolfy is a very tall guy, his height of 6"3 and arms all long and gangly, strong enough to hold you all night bebe. He has brownish-black hair, sometimes shaved on the sides, styled in a quiff, you name it. He has brown puppy dog eyes, showing off little hints of green with a darker tracing of brown around his pupils. Much like a forest, the shades of green and brown. His body is quite muscled. Chiseled abs, sexy biceps, etc. He usually has a cleanly shaven face, but will occasionally grow out a light beard if he forgets to shave. Wolf has very white teeth, which he sometimes bleaches, but usually just brushes. His breath tastes like blueberry hookah, and if you have no idea what that tastes like it smells like good af candy, like jolly ranchers air freshener. Mhmm.

give me a better cause to lead

Fathered by: Ezra Scott Harris[Face claim is Jensen Ackles]
Mothered by: Jessica Lee Ascensio[Unknown claim]
Siblings with: Ezekial Jordan Crowley [Half-Brother, Face claim is Danny Schwarz]

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