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Give me another bottle, and let me tear you to pieces. It's been a year since the pack was invaded by hunters. Gryff was killed and Elijah had ran, Atticus missing and the pack left alone. They were chased to the lawless city of Lykaon, where they discovered they're not alone. Shape shifters, Vampires, Werewolves, and more inhabit the town. Wolfgang was a lone wolf before he found the pack, and once he did he immediately took place as alpha. Now all of the supernatural beings formed into the gangs, the vampires and werewolves already starting problems, and the shifters forced to split in half and choose. The witches merely want peace. On top of the vicious rivalry, hunters are no longer working for the government, but merely hobbyists. They now inhabit the lawless town, this time stronger than ever. Welcome to the new reign of Blackfyre.
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Sinick's Biography

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Sinick's Biography

Post by Sinick The Soul on Sat Jun 06, 2015 8:40 am

Sinick Melaphone " Maybe you ask why I am antisocial. I have a reason. The other people are antisocial too. "
" I am an opened book. The page you select, The life you live, The personality you choose. "

I) Basic Information
-Denomination: Sinick Melaphone
-Classification: Humanoid + Skinwalker
-Age: 19 Years
-Nature: Masculine
-Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

II) Love Relationships
-Interests Lays With: |0| Creatures
-Dating As Girlfriend: |0| Creature
-Marriage Created With: |0| Creature
-Divorced With: |0| Creature

III) Usual Look
-Head: Dark Black Hair, Rised Up As A Mohawk, Light Blue Optics, Short Nose, Soft Skin On Cheeks, Medium And Masculine Mouth, Masculine Features
-Body: Very Athletic And Well Built, Muscles Around Arms And Belly, Tatoos On His Both Shoulders Showing A Wolf Symbol, Very Long Legs And Hands, Long Fingers, Hair On Chest, Hands And Legs
-Clothing: Short Dark Red Shirt, Skinny Black Jeans, Black West, White T-Shirt, Rope Chain, Jeans Converse Sneakers, Gold Bracelet On His Right Hand

IV) Blood Line
-Father: Thomas Benny Melaphone
-Mother: Amalia Kate Melaphone
-Sister: Madlyn Katniss Melaphone
-Brother: Adam Rogers Melaphone

V) Family Occupations
-Sinick: Can Play Guitar, Training For Gymnastics, Swimming, Hunting Sometimes, Drama School
-Thomas: Director At A Big Phone Company, Salary Is 2000$ Per. Month
-Amalia: Vaste Painter Of Abstract Things, Salary Is 3000$ Per. Month
-Katniss: Waiter In A Big Restaurant, Aiming For A Professional Medic, Salary Is 300$ P.M
-Adam: Just 5 Years Old, Lego Addict Very Happy

VI) Personalities
-Sinick: Intelligent, Calm, Fast, Skilled, Muscle, Strong, Protective, Lone, Mute
-Thomas: Intelligent, Serious, Calm, Powerful, Smiley
-Amalia: Good, Intelligent, Calm, Beautiful, Friendly, Kind
-Katniss: Rebel, Intelligent, Beautiful, Serious, Loyal, Lover
-Adam: Intelligent, Funny, Boring

VII) Objects
-Sinick: Phone-Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Car-Ferrari Tunero
-Thomas: Phone-Samsung Galaxy S5 Car-Nissan Juke
-Amalia: Phone-Samsung Galaxy S6 -Car: N/A
-Katniss: Phone-SG S6 Edge Car- N/A
-Adam: Phone+Car: N/A

D O N E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sinick The Soul

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