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Give me another bottle, and let me tear you to pieces. It's been a year since the pack was invaded by hunters. Gryff was killed and Elijah had ran, Atticus missing and the pack left alone. They were chased to the lawless city of Lykaon, where they discovered they're not alone. Shape shifters, Vampires, Werewolves, and more inhabit the town. Wolfgang was a lone wolf before he found the pack, and once he did he immediately took place as alpha. Now all of the supernatural beings formed into the gangs, the vampires and werewolves already starting problems, and the shifters forced to split in half and choose. The witches merely want peace. On top of the vicious rivalry, hunters are no longer working for the government, but merely hobbyists. They now inhabit the lawless town, this time stronger than ever. Welcome to the new reign of Blackfyre.
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Ezra Scott Harris

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Ezra Scott Harris

Post by Ezra on Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:35 am

Full Name: Ezra Scott Harris, considering he wasn't exactly made with a full name he created one himself.
Title: Ezra The Lost
Gender: Male
Species: Angel
Age: 3573 Years Old.
Companion: Idek

Ezra is a fallen angel, amd he was locked out of heaven for many, many reasons. I will list them below.
1. Breeding with a mortal to create a Nephilim, or human-angel hybrid.
2. Smiting and killing important angelic figures.
3. Accidentally breaking all 66 seals to open Lucifers cage. (Oops...)
4. Challenging Death. Death found it amusing and luckily spared him, but he was still punished in other ways.

So, after doing many incredibly stupid things, he's locked out of heaven for eternity. Slowly day by day he grows more human, and day by day he gains emotion, especially anger. That being said he still is an angel, and has barely any emotion, as expected. So, Ezra waits. Before he was locked out of heaven he was a Grigori, or protector of humans so he knows quite a bit about earth. Plus he's been on earth for 300 years, and existing for more than 3000, so he is rather wise in general, despite being considered an arrogant, foolish angel to his piers.

Ezra's vessel is a very attractive male, but then again that is a matter of opinion, not fact. A muscular body in all parts, Ezra is quite fit because he does a lot of athletic stuff. His hair is often styled upwards and shaved on the sides, or grown out and slicked to the side. He has bright green eyes, blonde hair, moderately tan skin, and occasionally stubble on his face. His eyebrows are often furrowed, because whenever he is deep in thought they scrunch up, and his thinks A LOT. He often sticks with his usual angel attire, which is a suit and tie but will sometimes change it up with some casual wear, like a leather jacket when he's feeling rebellious. As for his true form, there are pictures below.

First Form: Ezra barely uses this true form, and only other angels can actually see it, because if any mortals looked at his true body their eyes would incinerate. He uses the form when he feels angry, or is in a defensive state.

Second Form: This form is far more used, but considering he is on earth he is only able to use it in a very private place, and where he can't kill millions of innocent people. This form is extremely fast and strong, unable to be defeated by anything known, and he would need to be in his vessel in order for you to kill him via angel blade. In his true form he wields an archangel sword, able to kill nearly anything. The form is basically a hooded shadow figure, almost transparent with only his magnificent wings visible.

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