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Give me another bottle, and let me tear you to pieces. It's been a year since the pack was invaded by hunters. Gryff was killed and Elijah had ran, Atticus missing and the pack left alone. They were chased to the lawless city of Lykaon, where they discovered they're not alone. Shape shifters, Vampires, Werewolves, and more inhabit the town. Wolfgang was a lone wolf before he found the pack, and once he did he immediately took place as alpha. Now all of the supernatural beings formed into the gangs, the vampires and werewolves already starting problems, and the shifters forced to split in half and choose. The witches merely want peace. On top of the vicious rivalry, hunters are no longer working for the government, but merely hobbyists. They now inhabit the lawless town, this time stronger than ever. Welcome to the new reign of Blackfyre.
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Atticus Julian Fitzpatrick

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Atticus Julian Fitzpatrick

Post by Atticus on Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:45 am

A t t i c u s

Name: Atticus Julian Fitzpatrick
Gender: Male
Age: 24 Years Old
S.O: Pansexual
Species: Lycan
Lycan Classification: Quadrupedal and Bipedal
Companion: Vladmir, his kitty he bought from a witch in his travels.
He and Vlad have a special bond, literally. Atticus can feel Vlad's emotions and "slip into his mind" and have visions through Vladmir's eyes, some so powerful Atti can control Vladmir and talk to him telepathically. Vladimir can also transform into a giant version of himself, looking ike a horned tiger.

Atticus is a very very big guy. Towering up at 6"5 and 90% of his weight full muscle, he is considered very hot. I mean, it is a matter of opinion of course, but so far the majority of people he's met find him hot. Blonde hair ranging from dirty to golden, his hair is often styled up in a lazy quiff or just slicked upwards. His eyes are a forest green, with pursed red lips and a jawline on point. Not much else to describe him really, see for yourself.

Atticus is a very big mix of personality. I mean, most of the time he's ecstatic and jumpy, down to do anything. Other times he can be very rude and mean, his grumpiness getting the best of him. He is quite seductive with both men and women, but there is a slight chance he'll get nervous and be very very strait forward. He is quite fight-crazy, fighting for pride, conformity, kicks and anger.  Basically if there's a reason to fight, he does it. He's daring, occasionally reckless and a fuckboy. He can be very caring and protective, willing to put his life on the line for the sake of his beloved. However, even though he is considerate he can also be very  INconsiderate of ones feelings, pulling stunts that only please him. Luckily, this rarely happens and only when he's in a tough situation. He can also get very jealous, and try to make other people jealous, just for kicks.


Mother: Genevieve Delilah Fitzpatrick (Human, Jennifer Aniston)
Father: Sebastian Dexter Fitzpatrick (Human, Face Claim is Dave Annable)
Brother(s): Augustus Uriah Fitzpatrick(Lycan, Elder, face claim is Chris Pratt)
Sister(s): Aurora Emmeline Fitzpatrick(Lycan, Youngest, face claim is Taylor Momsen)


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